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Rectangular Mild Steel Pipes and Their Applications

Rectangular Mild Steel Pipes and Their Applications Introduction Mild Steel Pipes or MS Pipes are the category of steel tubes that can be used for structural and industrial construction. Unlike the PVC pipes, which are used in plumbing functions and can be seen in day-to-day construction; MS pipe is a type of raw material that…
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ms pipe weight chart

Top 10 MS Pipes Companies in India

Mild Steel Pipe or MS Pipe, a less renowned, yet an omnipresent product is manufactured in India since 1870. There are numerous companies that manufacture MS Pipe because of its strength, durability, and hence, profit making capacity. Although, some of the names like Apollo Tubes is a well-known brand in this area, nevertheless, its multiple…
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What is the difference between Stainless steel pipe and Mild steel pipe?

Steel pipes are a vital component in various industries, serving as conduits for transporting fluids and gases. When it comes to selecting the right type of pipe for your specific needs, two popular options emerge: stainless steel pipe and mild steel pipe. Both possess unique properties that make them suitable for different applications. In this…
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MS Pipe stock

Structural Tubes and Pipes

Structural tubing and pipe are essential elements in construction projects. They provide the stability and support that buildings and other structures need. But what exactly are they? Structural tubing is a hollow section of steel that is used to support weight-bearing loads. A pipe, on the other hand, is a tube that is used to…
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MS Pipe price list

Introduction In the realm of construction and infrastructure, knowing the price of materials is akin to having a treasure map. MS Pipe price lists serve as valuable maps, guiding builders, contractors, and suppliers in navigating the cost landscape of Mild Steel Pipes. Let’s unravel the factors that influence MS Pipe prices and how price lists…
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MS Pipe weight chart

Introduction In the world of construction and pipes, understanding the weight of MS Pipes is like knowing the superhero strength of your materials. Let’s break down the MS Pipe weight chart in a way that’s easy to grasp. What is MS Pipe Weight? The weight of an MS Pipe is like how heavy it is.…
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MS Pipes and Tubes stock at Sahibabad Ghaziabad.

Introduction In the industrious landscape of Sahibabad, Ghaziabad, the clanking of steel, the hum of machinery, and the constant motion of construction tell a story of progress and growth. At the heart of this narrative are the unsung heroes – MS Pipes and Tubes. Let’s delve into the significance of these metal marvels and their…
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MS Pipe weight calculator

Introduction In any project involving MS pipes, accurate weight calculation is crucial. Whether you’re building a structure, designing a plumbing system, or simply transporting pipes, knowing the weight is essential for planning, safety, and cost estimation. Without accurate weight calculations, you may encounter issues such as inadequate load-bearing capacity, incorrect material quantities, or even structural…
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MS pipe HSN code

MS Pipe HSN Code

Introduction In the complex world of trade and commerce, every product is assigned a specific code for seamless identification and classification. For Mild Steel (MS) Pipes, this code is known as the Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) Code. Let’s unravel the significance of the MS Pipe HSN Code and its role in international trade and…
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MS Pipe weight

Introduction In the realm of construction and industrial applications, understanding the weight of materials is paramount. When it comes to MS (Mild Steel) Pipes, their weight is a critical factor that influences everything from structural integrity to transportation and installation. Let’s delve into the intricacies of MS Pipe weight, exploring why it matters and how…
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