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MS Pipes Features and Uses

Mild Steel or MS Pipe is a strong and durable steel pipe that is used in large structures and construction projects. Its features and uses are very definable and prominent. As steel is assumed to be a non-malleable material, mild steel having low carbon content can be welded to construct any infrastructural structure. Thus, in definition, its key feature is ductility and in use, its purpose is meeting the industrial and structural raw material requirements.

Features of MS Pipes

  • Ductility: Mild steel can be bent, welded, shaped, joined, etc. for making different structures. So, unlike the non-ductile metal, it can be shaped to make respective structures. For example, a 50-meter-long pipe made from mild steel can be shaped as a plate for making counters and racks in industries.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Carbon when meets with water and oxygen, is likely to corrode. Meanwhile, the low amount of carbon in MS Pipes keeps them resistant to corrosion for a long time. However, it also prevents their beautification as the shiny surface is absent in such pipes. Nevertheless, they can be painted once strong structures are enacted.
  • Strength and Toughness: This feature is often contradictory to the ductility of MS Pipe. While ductility means that, if required, pipes can be mended and welded. However, it does not mean that they can be easily moulded without any external force or heavy machinery. Moreover, the strength of such pipes can be understood from their weight, size, and usage. For example, the toll plaza structures on highways are strong, long-lasting, and nearly impossible to break. Such structural strength is provided by MS pipes and tubes.

Uses of MS Pipes

  • Industrial Applications: Industries often require huge structures to support their activities such as manufacturing, warehousing, racking, ventilating, air conditioning, etc. Such structures are facilitated by MS Pipes and Tubes. For example, the 600 NB MS pipe from Goyal Steel Tubes is used for making chimney structures in factories.
  • Engineering Applications: Construction projects like bridges, highways, tolls, flyovers, dams, underground plumbing, etc. use MS pipe as their key structural material. For example, the best dealer of MS pipe in Delhi-NCR, Goyal Steel Tubes, supplied its MS pipe for the newly constructed Delhi-Dehradun Expressway.

The strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance of MS pipes make them perfectly suitable to fulfill the structural requirements in industries and several engineering applications. Also, as these pipes are similar to steel pipes, buying them from trusted sources becomes necessary. So, while sourcing the pipes, always look for trusted and old dealers in the nearby area.