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Basic Introduction Of Round Ms Pipes



The Round Mild Steel or MS pipe is one of the three major categories of MS pipe namely square, rectangular, and round pipe. The round MS pipe is demanded mostly for structural and industrial applications, like as making plumbing structures. However, this is not the regular water pipe that may be used in houses or sewages to enable the flow of water in taps or bathrooms. The mild steel round-shaped pipe provides strength to the regular pipes by giving support from the outside. Here, we discuss what these pipes are and where are they used.

What are Round MS Pipes?

Round Mild Steel or round MS pipe is a three-dimensional circular-shaped pipe that is curved on all sides. The round MS tubes are generally open from both ends; however, as per their application, these open ends can be welded to close either or both sides. Unlike stainless steel where chromium is used for alloying the metal, the round MS pipe is alloyed using carbon which gives it ultimate strength and rigidity of being used in structural construction. Although round MS pipes lack the shine and glow of stainless steel, however, they can be easily painted to make structures attractive.

Where is Round MS Pipe used?

Round MS pipe has several uses in construction, farming, plumbing, firefighting, and HVAC technologies. Goyal Steel Tubes, the best and oldest dealer of round MS pipe majorly supplies this material for plumbing applications. When a commercial or industrial building is constructed, the round MS pipe supports the placement of other pipes which supplies water, air conditioning, and ventilation to the entire setup. Additionally, the firefighting equipment uses the MS pipe covering to prevent soil corrosion so that fire below the ground can be prevented. It is also used in gas pipelines that are spread across the roads of cities. The outer coverage or support is provided by round MS pipes so that internal elements remain safe and sound for years. Finally, a very easy-to-understand application of round MS pipe can be referred from the borewells placed at farms and construction sites. These borewells are nothing but purely round MS pipe structures. They are strong and long-lasting and can bear the heavy flow of water without getting corroded or collapsing. Thus, the round MS pipe borewells are better than steel pipes that can easily break or mould if the flow of water is heavy.


It is contemplated that round MS pipes are used for supporting the construction of big projects. Also, these pipes play a crucial role in plumbing and firefighting equipment. The use of round MS pipe is not direct, yet, important as they form an outer layering to the several safety projects. The trusted dealer to buy such pipes is Goyal Steel Tubes, which is located in Sahibabad Pipe Market as it has been dealing in such pipes for almost fifty years.