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Explore Different Types Of Square Pipes And Their Uses


MS Pipe or Mild Steel Pipe that is used for structural and industrial construction comes in three major shapes. These are round, square and rectangular pipes. Each pipe varies in dimension in terms of their thickness and length, however, their shape remains same. Here, we discuss the square shape of MS pipe and their uses in various construction projects.

What are Square MS Pipes?

Square mild steel or square MS pipe are the standard and literally meant pipes having equal straight four-dimensional sides. The common sizes of square pipes vary from 15*15 mm to 300*300 mm. This indicate that square MS pipe can be as small as the leg of a school bench and as big as the tall pole of lights on the street. Further, the square MS pipe have low-carbon which is why they are mild in nature, yet, tougher than the stainless steel. These pipes are therefore stronger and used in manufacturing and construction projects.

Where is Square MS Pipe used?

The wide-ranging dimensions of square MS pipe makes it possible for the buyers to use these pipes in several structural projects. Most commonly, square MS pipe is used for making the grill of gates, balconies, parks and staircase etc. Other than this, office furniture like tables, chairs, and school benches are made of square MS pipe as they give best support to the legs of these structures. Additionally, the road sign boards where traffic indicators are displayed, are made from square pipes. The people in construction industry must contact the best dealer of square MS pipe which is Goyal Steel Tubes, as this firm is selling these pipes for almost fifty years. They have developed strong trust with their customers in giving authentic and long-lasting material of MS pipes and tubes. The firm is located in Sahibabad Pipe market at Delhi-Up border and is very convenient to locate as well as for getting the material delivered pan India. Thus, the detailed use of square MS pipe can also be known by contacting this dealer on social media handles like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp or by calling on 9910495448 directly.


The Square shaped MS pipe is useful for designing things like the grills, road sign boards and furniture. The equally dimensional tube has the property of making structures look aligned and perfect. The strength of mild steel in the square pipes keeps all structures strong and makes them long-lasting. Finally, in order to buy the square tubes, Goyal Steel Tubes, the authorised dealer of MS pipes and tubes can be contacted via www.goyalsteeltubes.com or by calling on +91 9910495448.