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MS Pipe weight chart


In the world of construction and pipes, understanding the weight of MS Pipes is like knowing the superhero strength of your materials. Let’s break down the MS Pipe weight chart in a way that’s easy to grasp.

What is MS Pipe Weight?

The weight of an MS Pipe is like how heavy it is. Imagine you have a superhero pipe, and knowing its weight helps you figure out how strong it is.

How is MS Pipe Weight Measured?

They measure the weight using a formula. It’s a bit like a special math code that tells you how much the pipe weighs. Here’s the secret formula:

Weight (kg) = (π/4) × Nominal Bore Size (mm)2×

(Outer Diameter (mm) − Inner Diameter (mm))×

Density of Mild Steel (g/cm3)×0.001

  • Sounds a bit like a superhero formula, right? Let’s break it down:
  • The π is a special number in math, sort of like a secret code (it’s about 3.14159).
  • Nominal Bore Size is like the inside of the pipe, how wide it is.
  • Outer Diameter is how wide the pipe is on the outside.
  • Inner Diameter is the width inside the pipe.
  • Density of Mild Steel is how heavy the steel is (about 7.85 grams per cubic centimetre).
  • Using this formula helps us find out how much our MS Pipe weighs.

MS Pipe Weight Chart in Easy Terms:

  • Now, let’s talk about this MS Pipe Weight Chart. It’s like a superhero guide that tells you how heavy different pipes are. Here are some key things to know:
  • Nominal Bore Size: This is like the size of the pipe on the inside. The bigger the number, the wider the pipe.
  • Outer Diameter: How wide the pipe is on the outside. It’s like the pipe’s waistline.
  • Inner Diameter: The width inside the pipe. Think of it like the pipe’s personal space.


This is the superhero strength – how heavy the pipe is. The chart tells you the weight for different sizes of pipes.

Why Does MS Pipe Weight Matter?

Imagine you’re building a house. You want to use pipes that are strong enough to hold everything together, right? Knowing the weight helps you pick the right pipes for the job. If you use pipes that are too light, they might not be strong enough, and your building could be wobbly.

Common Sizes in the MS Pipe Weight Chart:

15nb MS Pipe:

  • Nominal Bore Size: 15mm
  • Outer Diameter: 21.3mm
  • Inner Diameter: 13.1mm
  • Weight: Around 1.04 kilograms per meter

20nb MS Pipe:

  • Nominal Bore Size: 20mm
  • Outer Diameter: 26.9mm
  • Inner Diameter: 18.1mm
  • Weight: Around 1.43 kilograms per meter

25nb MS Pipe:

  • Nominal Bore Size: 25mm
  • Outer Diameter: 33.7mm
  • Inner Diameter: 25.3mm
  • Weight: Around 2.04 kilograms per meter

40nb MS Pipe:

  • Nominal Bore Size: 40mm
  • Outer Diameter: 48.3mm
  • Inner Diameter: 40.4mm
  • Weight: Around 3.23 kilograms per meter
  • These are just a few examples. The chart helps you find the weight for different sizes of MS Pipes.

Choosing the Right MS Pipe:Think about the Job:

If you’re building something big, you might need heavier pipes. For smaller jobs, lighter pipes could be just right.

Check out the MS Pipe Weight Chart:

Look at the chart to find the weight for the size of the pipe you need. It’s like having a menu for superhero pipes.

Ask for Help:

If you’re not sure, ask for help. Builders and experts know a lot about which pipes are best for different jobs.

Understanding the MS Pipe Weight Chart is like having a superhero guide for your construction projects. It helps you pick pipes that are just the right strength for the job, making sure everything stands strong and steady. So, next time you see those MS Pipes, remember they have their own superhero strength, and the weight chart is your guide to choosing the right one!