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Top 10 MS Pipes Companies in India

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Mild Steel Pipe or MS Pipe, a less renowned, yet an omnipresent product is manufactured in India since 1870. There are numerous companies that manufacture MS Pipe because of its strength, durability, and hence, profit making capacity. Although, some of the names like Apollo Tubes is a well-known brand in this area, nevertheless, its multiple business line associates it with things like tires, transportation etc. This is why, dealers of MS Pipes are more popular in the market than its manufacturers. Here we discuss the popular companies and their trusted dealers who are selling MS Pipes and Tubes for almost 50 years. Additionally, we discuss the ways to evaluate their effectiveness and trustworthiness in the market.

Manufacturers of MS PIPES versus Dealers of MS PIPES

When one talks about steel, the first company that comes in mind is TATA. However, 99% of its material is used for export. This is why, TATA Steel is not considered as a leading manufacturer of steel and steel products in India. Meanwhile, companies like Apollo Tubes Ltd, Riddhi Steel and Tube, Surya Roshni, Surani Steel Tubes, Jindal, Swastik Pipes Ltd., Vibhor Steel Tubes, and Rawalwasia Steel Plant Pvt Ltd are manufacturing MS Pipes for the Indian market. They have capacities ranging from 1.1 to 5.0 million tonnes of steel. As the companies have been specialized in the manufacturing processes rather than sales and marketing, they need dealers for spreading their product pan India. Additionally, the manufacturing plants at located at remote locations like in Jharkhand, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh; which makes it difficult for the buyers to buy directly. Therefore, dealers of MS Pipes and Tubes have a significant role in Indian market. Dealers are those people who buy goods from the manufacturers at their own cost, risk and expenses, then sell them to the buyers as per their need, specification and location. This may indicate the role of a middleman who keeps his own profit margins high, however, the burden of stock that dealers handle at their own warehouses is much wider than the level of profit margin that they keep in this industry. Henceforth, talking about the top 10 dealers of MS Pipes and Tubes is more valuable than who manufactures it.

How to know which company dealing in MS Pipes and Tubes is the best?

Dealers of MS Pipes and Tubes can be evaluated on the basis of their working years, the brands that they keep, the variety of pipes available with them, their pricing policies, ease of delivery and their goodwill in the market. As MS Pipes and Tubes is used for structural and industrial use, their quality and strength are not worth compromising. These things are directly related to the safety and strength of the structure and can be guaranteed by a trusted dealer. For example, Goyal Steel Tubes is a fifty-year-old dealer of MS Pipes and Tubes and is established in Pipe Market of Sahibabad in UP. The dealer hinges onto trust and strength while dealing in MS Pipes. It supplies material from Jindal, Surya, APL Apollo, Swastik etc. and delivers all over India in minimum possible time. These factors make the company a trusted source of buying MS Pipes and Tubes.


It is seen that being in top 10 manufacturers does not guarantee good material. One should look for top dealer of MS Pipes and Tubes as buying directly is a burden and also inconvenient in many ways. Hence, the characteristics listed for top dealers must be considered when you go for buying the best MS Pipe and Tube.