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Everything You Need To Know About MS Pipe Before Choosing MS Pipe Dealer

MS Pipes Sizes

MS Pipe, also known as Mild Steel Pipes, are widely used for plumbing, ventilation, and air conditioning. They offer many industrial and engineering benefits, and are mainly used in environments that contain corrosive fluids. To get the best quality, it’s important to select an experienced MS pipe Dealer. Here is a brief overview of what MS pipes have to offer.

What Are Mild Steel Pipes? 

MS pipes are low carbon steel pipes. This means they contain less than 0.25% steel, making them easy to use. They are also strong, durable, hard, and weldable. The pipes can be shaped into any size or form that is suitable for tubing and pipelining.

Advantages Of MS Pipes:

Advantages of these pipes include their reusability – scrap steel can be recycled and used to create new pipes. Additionally, they are cost-effective, and their weldable nature makes them ideal for both works. The high-carbon content makes them resistant to wear, tear, and rust, while also providing high fatigue strength. Lastly, these pipes are non-corrosive and perfect for plumbing, HVAC systems, and drinking water supplies.

MS Pipe Specifications:

  • MS Pipes are available in:
  • sizes from 15NB to 900NB,
  • with widths of 500-2500mm
  • and lengths of 500-10000mm.
  • Some of their features include extreme strength and durability, magnetic properties, long-lasting nature, affordability, and easy fabrication.

Features of MS Pipes:

If you’re interested in high-quality MS Pipes, contact Goyal Steel Tubes India. They are a renowned MS pipe Dealer, providing products that meet global standards. India also supplies their products at competitive prices.

Today, MS Pipes are used in many industries due to their impressive features. Reach out to Goyal Steel Tubes India for more information on these pipes.

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